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Thursday, January 19, 2012

ouchh, so hot !

siapa kenal zayn malik angkat tangan cepat! ouchhh, handsome kan ? handsome kan ? wanna screammmmm. haha. ovahhh lah you zyma. kk, to girls, siapa je yang tak melting tengok wajah kacak zayn malik ni. all the females will obsessing over him. kenal ke tak siapa zayn malik ? zayn malik is one of members in one direction with four other boys. one direction is a new band which performed on a show X factor and now dah popular (^,^)V one direction have released their debut single what makes you beautiful. the song which at my blog is the latest song from one direction ♥ cehh, mcm promoter dah. haha. kk, let's check zayn malik's pictures.

enough only three of his pictures. wanna more ? pergi google search by yourself okay. he's so handsome right ? told ya! haha. he's mixed. half pakistan and half english. british paskitani. handsome handsome handsome and but but but, he's piercing ;( how sad kan ? if not piercing, sure he is more handsome :)

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