Assalamualaikum people. I'm Nur Hazimah Hasan :)

Thursday, December 29, 2011


tralalalala. i'm kinda not talk about snowwhite yg princess tu k. firstly thanks to Allah because this morning, it's snowing again and again. I woke up and quickly looked out the window. the snow was falling down and i'm like wahhhh. tell ya snow is so beautiful. subhanallah. this is for the third time snow in beijing. and today i'm in a good mood. having a great time in the kitchen. haha. cooked spaghetti together. and ofcourse with my ticky comel. my friends said, our spaghetti superb yummiesss. betul ke or nak ambil hati kitorang je? haha. nevermind. k, just a short entry for today.

snow beautifies everything it covers :)